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Yangming's Philosophy and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Hu Yu, Co-Founder of iFLYTEK

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Yangming's Philosophy and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Hu Yu, Co-Founder of iFLYTEKOn the morning of November 11th, the "Yangming's Philosophy and Entrepreneurship" - Kong Xue Tang Civilization Forum opened in Guiyang. On the evening of November 10th, Guiyang

Yangming's Philosophy and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Hu Yu, Co-Founder of iFLYTEK

On the morning of November 11th, the "Yangming's Philosophy and Entrepreneurship" - Kong Xue Tang Civilization Forum opened in Guiyang. On the evening of November 10th, Guiyang.com interviewed Hu Yu, co-founder of iFLYTEK, who came to Guiyang to participate in the forum, about Yangming's philosophy, artificial intelligence, and other issues.

Hu Yu believes that the 24-year development journey of iFLYTEK embodies the spirit of "unity of knowledge and action." From the path of scientific research to the process of industrialization, iFLYTEK has always adhered to the close integration of theoretical knowledge and practical application, continuously breaking through technological bottlenecks and leading industry development.

"Unity of Knowledge and Action" Runs Through the Development of iFLYTEK

"In our company's business philosophy, 'unity of knowledge and action' is a very important part," Hu Yu said. "In the process of development, it often happens that it's easy to know but difficult to do, so we need to constantly verify."

Hu Yu divides the development of iFLYTEK into two parts: the path of scientific research and the process of industrialization, both of which embody the spirit of "unity of knowledge and action."

In terms of scientific research, iFLYTEK has spent a lot of time and effort in making machines speak and understand human speech. This process of research is precisely the embodiment of "unity of knowledge and action." Hu Yu said, "It is very difficult to continuously improve research standards. However, after understanding the research of academic circles, we increased our investment in this area and took the lead in breaking through the problem of speech recognition in 2010. Today, iFLYTEK has moved from 'perceptual intelligence' to 'cognitive intelligence' and applied it in many fields such as smart education, smart cities, and smart healthcare."

"Selling technology to partners, applying our speech recognition technology in embedded devices, and producing smart earphonesthese are all embodiments of iFLYTEK's 'unity of knowledge and action' in the process of industrialization," Hu Yu said.


Hu Yu emphasized that the development of iFLYTEK is a continuous process of summarizing past experiences, which is the "knowledge" part. Applying and practicing the technology in more fields is the "action" part.

Yangming's Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence: Using Technology to Empower Cultural Transmission

When it comes to suggestions for Guiyang to strengthen the transformation application of Yangming's philosophy and enhance the reputation and recognition of the "heartland of Yangming's philosophy," Hu Yu believes that Guiyang has a strong and potential big data atmosphere. In the cultivation of the new generation of talent, it can fully utilize big data technology to empower language and quality education, integrate the learning of Yangming's philosophy into the process, and allow young people, adolescents, and adults to receive education with greater historical and cultural connotations.

Furthermore, combining Guiyang's rich tourism resources and strong atmosphere of Yangming's philosophy, it is necessary to further promote the integration of culture and tourism, enrich the carriers of Yangming's philosophy, and drive high-quality development of the tourism industry with high-quality cultural resources.

Hu Yu believes that Chinese culture has a long history. Combining the current development of artificial intelligence, Chinese traditional culture can better go global by using "technology + culture." "The 'large models' in the field of artificial intelligence have brought us a major revolution. Taking Yangming's philosophy as an example, if we can make a knowledge base system with its content, historical stories, etc., and then disseminate it in different languages around the world, it will undoubtedly help promote global cultural exchange," Hu Yu said.

Scientists and Entrepreneurs: Organic Integration Driving Innovation

Hu Yu is not only an outstanding entrepreneur but also an outstanding scientist. He has been awarded the "Top 10 Most Influential Science and Technology Innovators" in 2016 and the "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Worker" in 2020.


Hu Yu said, "In the new round of transformation of lifestyles and modes of production, the organic integration of scientists and entrepreneurs is crucial. In addition to researching science and technology and industrial ecosystems, it is even more important to focus on the issues that people care about, to integrate different perspectives, to think while acting."

Expectations for the Kong Xue Tang Civilization Forum

Hu Yu is very much looking forward to participating in the Kong Xue Tang Civilization Forum on November 11th. "This forum will bring together

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