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Bitcoin Falls Below $60,000, Ethereum Drops Below $3,300

Blockchain 2024-07-04 12:31:08 Source:

Bitcoin Falls Below $60,000, Ethereum Drops Below $3,300On July 3, Bitcoin's price fell below $60,000, with a daily decline exceeding 3.5%

Bitcoin Falls Below $60,000, Ethereum Drops Below $3,300

On July 3, Bitcoin's price fell below $60,000, with a daily decline exceeding 3.5%. Ethereum's price also plummeted, dropping below $3,300, with a daily decline of nearly 4%.

This wave of declines is primarily attributed to market sentiment, as investors harbor concerns about the future prospects of the cryptocurrency market. Recently, regulatory authorities worldwide have intensified their scrutiny of the cryptocurrency industry, causing a degree of impact on the development of the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, rising US Treasury yields have also exerted pressure on the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the significant price drops in Bitcoin and Ethereum, analysts believe this is merely a market correction phenomenon, and in the long term, the cryptocurrency market still holds considerable growth potential.

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